NJ Kids and Families is a place for parents, educators and other public education supporters concerned about the proliferation and misuse of government-mandated high-stakes standardized testing.

This website is a resource to share facts and personal stories about the high-stakes PARCC/NJ-SLA test imposed by the State on our schools, teachers, and students each year.

Its purpose is to be sure every New Jersey parent knows this one simple truth:

You have the power. You can REFUSE to allow your child to be subjected to the 2020 PARCC/NJ-SLA test.

Educators, not bureaucrats, best understand how to teach students and how to measure what they have learned.

Parents, not bureaucrats, best understand the educational and emotional needs of their children.

The right of students and families to a high-quality, well-rounded public education must outweigh the desire of the government, corporations and foundations to collect an ever-growing trove of data about our children.

NJ Kids and Families gives those who agree with these principles a way to challenge the current system and work together for the appropriate use of all forms of testing to ensure that the educational needs of all students are met.